2023 Movement Research ACROSS POLY(e)MOTION


Performance by Katana Six

17 June 2023, 9.30 - 10 PM
Rathausvorplatz Wedding / Wedding Town Hall Square

A showcase of the beauty to be found in queer identity. Expect live singing that gradually performs into a high energy drag dance.

Katana Six

At Katana Six shows, you can expect a pure expression of queer club culture. A vibrant show of live singing, high energy dance, gymnastics, meticulously glamorous makeup, and striking costumes. ›After studying performance art in Canada, I began acting on American and Canadian television from the age of 15. After moving to Berlin in 2019, I found success as a drag performer in Berlin under the alias Katana Six, singing and performing consistently in clubs across the city.‹ [Artist website]