2023 Movement Research ACROSS POLY(e)MOTION


House Szene Berlin & guests presenting JAM ACROSS & BATTLE

17 June 2023, 5.30 - 9 PM
Rathausvorplatz Wedding / Wedding Town Hall Square

JAM ACROSS & BATTLE is an event combining a jam with a house dance battle. We invite you, the house heads, the movers of different styles and, most importantly, all those dance lovers who simply can’t resist the groove to come and join us heat up the scene! The house jam will also serve as the qualifiying round for our battle – House 7 to Smoke. No matter which level, experience or style you usually call your ›home‹, you are all welcome to come and jam with us. We want to see you set the dancefloor on fire!

Judge: Adam Jakub Karpinski (PL)
Host: Iman (Walashé)
DJ: Achraf

Achraf Lansari
Tatjana Mahlke

Achraf Lansari and Tatjana Mahlke are two dance artists, both part of the group House Szene Berlin which organises open dance sessions in Berlin three times a week. House Szene Berlin is a unique platform within the city’s independent dance scene and helps keep the local house dance scene alive. [Website Tatjana Mahlke]